Welcome to the website of the RBLR Non-Attendance Rally.

This is the famous Biker Rally that no one attends, no one organises and no one camps.

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The 2022 Rally is to be held

onboard the Jupiter Mining Corporation Ship


Breakfast, Lunch and Tea will be included, along with a tour of the ship by Lister.

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What Is The NAR?

The idea of the Non-Attendance Rally is that we don’t organise a rally in a special location, and you don’t attend. While not attending, you don’t have to pack, or travel anywhere, you don’t have to worry about the weather, or cooking or anything. You simply sit back and don’t attend.

While you are doing that, you are contributing to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Once we have paid for the badge and costs, every penny left over goes to the Welfare Fund. You get a badge and a bit of fun, we get a contribution to help the Armed Forces Community, win win.

A badge with a named and individually numbered certificate are £5 each and £1 UK postage and packing. (International postage costs £2)

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Previous Non-Attendance Rallies have been:

  • 2021 – NAR 14 – Peter Pans Neverland
  • 2020 – NAR 13 – The Flying Dutchman
  • 2019 – NAR 12 – The End OF The Rainbow
  • 2018 – NAR 11 – The Blue Planet of the Clangers
  • 2017 – NAR 10 – The Elysian Fields next to Tartarus
  • 2016 – NAR 9 – Sea of Tranquillity on the moon
  • 2015 – NAR 8 – Crespo Island aboard the Nautilus
  • 2014 – NAR 7 – Mad Hatters Tea Party in Alice’s Wonderland
  • 2013 – NAR 6 – Ankh-Morpork on the Discworld
  • 2012 – NAR 5 – The Titanic Dining Room
  • 2011 – NAR 4 – Valhalla Fields
  • 2010 – NAR 3 – 100 Acre Wood for Pooh Sticks
  • 2009 – NAR 2 – USS Enterprise in Ten Forward
  • 2008 – NAR 1 – Santa’s Grotto, North Pole

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